Precision tools
Made in Germany

Series 945 TR

Precision lathe tip

Product features

  • High-performance design especially for CNC lathes
  • Extremely slim housing with flattening on one side for optimum accessibility
  • Interchangeable inserts for max. Flexibility
  • Replacing the inserts by twisting them against each other with two open-end wrenches on the wrench flats of the axis and insert
  • Forcing nut according to Conzella factory standard
  • For high speeds and axial forces
  • High concentricity due to high-end bearings
  • Complete tool hardened and ground
  • Maintenance-free permanent lubrication
  • Shaft seal ring prevents ingress of dirt and coolant
  • Also suitable for grinding applications

MK: 4
D: 60
d: 27
d1: 31,27
L: 85
l1: 10
l2: 74
d2: 14
SW: 22
Speed max. [1/min]: 10000
Workpiece weight max. [kg]: 300
Runout deviation max. [mm]: 0,003